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Of Buns ‘n Pizza – Pureza Branch


Organization Background

Buying system throughout the world has counted on pens and papers. Problems suchas missing purchases and details sent to the incorrect place come up. Furthermore, a lot of couldnot manage to handle the massive volume of orders. Under the older manual orderingsystems, it takes up too much time to process. Real time ordering and improved effectiveness has been the concentrate of the entrepreneurs. Aswith many organization scenarios, removing paper enhances efficiency, minimizes humanerror and allows information to movement to an system without a time consuming datainput process. There is also significantly less chance of handwritten orders getting misread and a higher customer turnaround since customers will be served more quickly. In accordance to this kind of, thesoftware designers proposed the Bans and Pizza digital ordering system. Thesystem is usually developed specially to meet the needs of Bans and Pizza.

Statement of the Issue

The supporters would like to develop the purchasing system to deal with the following challenges of ?uvre and Pizzas:

How can Bans and French fries keep pace with the modernization?

To hold pace with all the modernization, there should be room intended for improvement in thefield info technology. Nowadays, companies move from manual to computerize primarily because of advantages brought by the use of computers

To lighten up the load to get the staff and likewise, enhance customer care Nowadays, machine replaces the task intended for human beings primarily to minimize man power. It also eliminates human errors.

System Scopes and Limitation

Buns and Pizza Ordering system is an integration of different operations: ordering, pricing, and billing systems, customers suggestions orders straight into the computer, whichcommunicates the customer's order to your kitchen. The fixed terminal number identifieswhich customer ordered which in turn. A staff styles out the costs. Additional instructions may beaccepted by the home only if the bill hasn't been printed


Overview of the present System

All their current method is actually manual. They have not any existing electronic order and sales program. Due to the manual system that they have, their services slow down. Intheir current program, problems just like missing order, loss of data, and incorrect delivery detailscould possibly take place.

User Guide

The user includes a difficulty in processing the customer buy due to the manual process. Receiving the order from the customer got a lot of time on paper the purchase of the client. Recording of information in manual process can loss the info

System Flowchart


Info Flow Plan


Evaluation of the Existing System

Their particular current method is actually manual. They have not any existing digital order and sales system. Due to the manual system that they have, their providers slow down. Intheir current system, problems just like missing buy, loss of info, and wrong delivery detailscould possibly occur

Since you will discover three institutions in one managing, the table is located atPureza. Given the setup, ?uvre and Lasagna customers need to go the said counter only toorder food. In addition , the high amount of sound system helps it be difficult tocommunicate with the staff.


Overview of the Proposed System

The electronic order and sales program can reduce the time ingest in writing the order of the customer. In computerized purchase, the cashier can choose from the viewed menu andautomatically add the item in the total amount. The machine can record all the purchase in oneday and can notice it by weekly and monthly. The system figure out the data better thanthe manual system. Info redundancy could be avoided to this system.

System Design

1 ) User Overview

The user can easily log in it is username and password to learn its details andlimitation. The cashier compute the...

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