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Star Gazing by Linda Gillard is one of the many impressive books I have ever read. I've wondered frequently how I would cope if I were blind. This book goes some way to describing what it must be like – a world where the other sensory faculties are  heightened, exactly where sound is more distinct� and touch and smell happen to be of great importance.


Bela Gillard today lives in the Highlands, for the Black Region. She has also lived on the Isle of Arran and spent six years for the Isle of Skye. 

She graduated coming from Bristol University or college and educated as a great actress with the Bristol Aged Vic Cinema School. Pertaining to eight years she pursued an behaving career, the highlight which was showing on stage on the National Movie theater with Geraldine McEwan, TV's Miss Marple. The lowlight was playing a fairy for 4 rainy months in an open-air production of your Midsummer Evening of Dream in Regent's Recreation area. 

Whilst under-employed at the Nationwide Theatre, Hermosa accidentally became a freelance journalist and had written light-hearted content articles for mags, many based upon her semi-self-sufficient " Great Life” in rural Cambridgeshire. For a dozen years your woman had a humorous column in IDEAL RESIDENCE about relatives life. (Her children, right now adult, are still trying to live it straight down. )

Linda ran her two careers together for a while, then simply decided to give up acting to pay attention to journalism and raising a household. At the age of 45 she re-trained as a major teacher and taught in Norfolk specialising in British and Fine art. She decided to re-think her career yet again after she was assaulted by a disrupted pupil. 

The re-think entailed giving up instructing and downshifting to Skye, realising a long-held dream to move to the Highlands and write full-time. For half a dozen years Linda lived on a hillside looking over the Cuillins, a huge batch range highlighted in her first book, EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY. 
 Linda's second story A LIFETIME BURNING UP was released in 2006 by simply Transita. Her third story, STAR LOOKING, set on the Isle of Skye and in Edinburgh, was published by simply Piatkus in 2008. STAR GAZING was voted " Favourite Loving Novel 1960-2010" by viewers of Women's Weekly journal. The prize (a very star) was presented to Linda in a bubbly breakfast organised by author Katie Fforde, chair with the Romantic Novelists' Association. 

STAR GAZING was also elevated to your shortlist in 2009 to get the Loving Novel with the Year and then for the Britian's first environmental book merit, the Robin Jenkins Literary Award, which usually promotes composing inspired simply by Scotland's landscape. 
Linda's last novel, PROPERTY OF PEACE AND QUIET was printed as an e-book this summer and quickly became a Kindle top seller. A 5th novel, UNTYING THE KNOT was likewise published on Kindle in 2011. 

Linda has recently finished a sixth new: a paranormal love account, IF THE SUN AND CELESTIAL BODY OVERHEAD SHOULD HESITATION.

Plot expansion

The new begins when its heroine, the window blind, forty-five year old Marianne Fraser, runs into a cyclist close to the front door of the Edinburgh home she stocks with her sister, Louisa. The container of burgundy Marianne can be carrying shatters and the door keys slip from her hands. A stranger provides his help and as this individual assists her, their shared love of opera arises.

Later, while at the the safari, during the interruption, they meet again. Louisa, Marianne's sis, is away buying refreshments when the man introduces himself as Keir Harvey. Keir's last name is actually a shock for Marianne because it was her late partner's first name.

Marianne's late husband proved helpful in the olive oil industry and was slain in an crash. Marianne was devastated not only by Harvey's death, yet also by the miscarriage the girl suffered soon afterward. The experiences she had with males in the years that used were annoying, so she is somewhat seasoned about the other sex once she and Keir meet up with. And the girl with not sure what you should think of Keir when the lady tries to introduce him to Louisa, just to realize he is no longer presently there. Keir and Marianne come across one another once again at the botanic gardens, and she confides in him about the losses she...

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