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The role from the Department for Child Security encompasses the following three services areas:




Service place 1 - Supporting the younger generation and children in care of the CEO Service location 2 - Protecting young people and children from maltreatment. Service area 3 - Supporting persons and people at risk or perhaps in crisis.

Family support services comprise the Division s response to families who also are at risk or in crisis.


Families who are at risk or in crisis also expose kids to risk of immediate or perhaps longer term injury. Family support is a technique of strengthening households both to overcome all their problems and also to respond to child needs. That aims to increase family operating and is probably part of the respond to families exactly where issues will be entrenched, as the case with many of the households that come to the attention from the Department. For the families, family members support may possibly form section of the action taken up protect the younger generation and kids from misuse when the younger generation and kids have been brought into the proper care of the CEO, and to prevent children and young people entering care

Kid Centred Family members Support (CCFS) is the treatment that is used for the assessment of concern for a child has indicated that further action is necessary to promote or safeguard the wellbeing of the child, but the child is not at present in need of protection as described in Kids and Community Services Action 2004 (Section 28). This approach is the suitable mode of engagement every time a child's well being needs to be safe and advertised, the parent/s are able and certain to protect the child and are ready to engage in services.

The community sector is caught by the Division to provide Rigorous Family Support Services (IFS) which goal families with children old 0-17 years where a range of issues influence on the family's ability to look after the children. These programs, that are limited to testimonials from the Division, utilise an instance management procedure which includes intense in home practical support; parenting and child supervision education; teaching/modelling of protective behaviours; and teaching/modelling of personal and social skills.

Previously intervention with family support services, that are most effectively provided early on in the life of a kid, early inside the development of problems and early in the creation of a family, are developed through community sector providers.

The connection between family support services and protecting children and young people coming from abuse and caring for kids and teenagers in the proper care of the CEO is illustrated in the model below.

The model features family support as part of all of the Department's actions and support services. What this means is that the magnitude to which friends and family support makes up the response with a friends and family, relative to currently taking action to protect children and young people by abuse and taking kids and young people into the care of the CEO, will be dependant upon the


degree to which the is protective in the child, as assessed through the use of the Signs of Safety framework.

If a family is assessed as using a low protectiveness and there is threat to the child then a kid protection response dominates, whilst family support is also supplied. Where a child may be taken into the proper care of the CEO, family support is a strategies which the relatives may treat the security issues for the extent necessary for reunification being viable. In case the child's family is assessed since having a substantial protectiveness and danger for the child is low then this response with the Department will emphasise family support while the safety of the children and young people is still addressed.

The model acknowledges that assessment is a continuous process and this a family's level of protectiveness can change needing a commensurate change to the Department's...

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