Pressure Care

 Pressure Attention Research Paper

RESULT 4 – Understand the use of materials, products and methods that are available once undertaking pressure are proper care.

Identify a number of aids or products used to alleviate pressure.

Pressure relieving supports include, propad mattress/cushion or an air flow mattress/cushion can be utilised for individuals to rest or take a seat on if they are not very mobile. Intended for an individual with good range of motion it is important that that they move around as often as you can help reduce pressure. For something with poor flexibility or pickup bed bound it is important that they are repositioned regularly to relieve pressure to different parts of the body by using a slide linen if essential or set by the individuals care prepare.

Describe safe use of aids and equipment.

Firstly the individuals attention plan must be read to be able to identify any kind of risks and which equipment or aids are used. If an specific sleeps or sits on an airflow bed or pillow these may have been primarily installed with a trained professional. It is important that they are kept at the correct pressure for each person's needs which is often easily altered. Using a slip sheet to aid reposition an individual should be done by 2 carers or more in the event stated in the individuals care plan.

Discover where updated information and support can be acquired about:


Up-to-date information on elements can be found within the internet. A Manager or perhaps senior member of staff, CQC or perhaps the provider in the materials. Products

Up to date information about equipment is found on the internet. A Administrator or elderly member of staff, CQC or the service provider of the equipment. The use of equipment is covered by the Lifting Procedures and Raising Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 98.


Up to date information on resources can be obtained from your resources provider.

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