Presidential form of government

 Presidential kind of government Dissertation

Presidential type of Government


Presidential type of government, is a government where the chief executive is usually not responsible to the legislature. Bagehot, " the independence of the legislative and the professional powers is the specific top quality of usa president government in the same way fusion and combination is the principle of cabinet government". If we compare cabinet and presidential systems, we can find that they are both rep in persona, but in pantry system the executive can be described as part of legislature and responsibility of business

to legislature is sine quo not. In president form of government the business, i. e., PRESIDENT is constitutionally independent of legislature. They are two distinct organs more or less separated from each other. The executive is certainly not the beast of legislature, nor is it responsible for the public functions or based mostly for its chair. The head in the state exercise real electric power, as it comes from the metabolic rate and as such you cannot find any distinction among a professional and the executive.

Dr . Garner, " What has been known as 'Presidential' authorities as contra-distinguished from pantry or parliamentary government, is that system where the executive (including both the Mind of the point out and his ministers) is constitutionally independent of the legislature in respect for the duration of his or their particular tenure and irresponsible to it intended for his or perhaps their politics policies. In this system the chief of the state is not merely the nombrar executive nevertheless he is actual executive and actually exercises the powers that this constitution and laws consult upon him".



Unlike the parliamentary system of govt where business is a element of legislature, in presidential type of government there may be separation of powers. Through this system the executive and legislature are separate coming from each other and so they have equivalent status. But also in a parliamentary government, there is not any separation of powers. Through this system the executive can be under the legislature.

2) I n a presidential form of government, the president may be the Head of the state and also of the authorities.. While in a parliamentary govt, the Head in the state is President, or perhaps king or, Governor-General plus the Prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) is the Head of the govt. It must be known that the position of the Head of the state in a parliamentary government can be nominal. He/ she holds the power theoretically. They are either wielding this position by hereditarily or through in direct election or perhaps by nomination.

3) In a presidential federal government, the Leader is chosen for a fixed tenure and except impeachment for the violation from the constitution; he cannot be removed from his workplace before the expiration of his term. Within a parliamentary govt, though identical is the placement of the President, yet the Primary minister can be taken off only through a vote of no- self-confidence by the Parliament.

4) Within a presidential govt, the chief executive enjoys genuine powers with the administration and he exercises all the power, which are given to him beneath the constitution and the law. Within a presidential government there is no excellent minister. The secretaries ensure that the president inside the administration and they are generally appointed by him based on ability. It depends upon the will of the president to accept or reject all their service. In a parliamentary govt, though constitutionally the Head of the state has its own powers, yet in practice these kinds of powers are enjoyed simply by his ministers. Thus used the chief executive has simply nominal capabilities and actual powers lie with the excellent minister or his ministers.

5) Within a presidential federal government the chief executive and his secretaries are not liable to the legislature. The legislature cannot remove them through a political election of no- confidence. Even more over, an adjournment movement or a censure motion can not be brought against him. The...

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