Outline and evaluate fators that affect eating actions

 Outline and evaluate fators that affect eating conduct Essay

" Summarize and evaluate fators that affect consuming behaviours. ” There is enormous debate as to which elements affect the eating behaviours of an individual. A vital issue is whether our food choices are down to natural behaviours and our genes or whether or not they are an end result of the environment in which we are brought up in, such as the cultures and socio-economic circumstances. One key factor which affects our meals choices is usually our disposition. It is generally accepted that food could be comforting whenever we feel raise red flags to and presents pleasurable thoughts which all of us associate with cerain sweet foods, we. e. candy. It has been found through the work of a wide variety of research that simply by comforting eating, individuals are able to increase their carbs and sugar intake which usually brings the pleasure in eating such foods. Garg et approach. (2007) located this theory to be fiting. By arbitrary selection, partcipants either wached Love History to stir up a sad mood, or Fairly sweet Home Alabama, to evoke a happy feelings. Whilst atching th ilms in a group, they were givnclorie-free drinks and popcorn, which was pre-weighed. By the end of the films, participants indicated their assessment and rated their feelings and the popcorn container was also weighed. The effects found that films were successful in creating the ideal emotions. This showed that individuals eat hedonistic food when sad in an effort o come back to a happier state. However was a difference in the amount of popcrn consumed, there is onl a 28% big difference between both groups, meaning that there was an important difference to help make the theory totally accurate. Yet , the outcomes do possess strong dependability as the study used ojective measurements and a handled experimental method, allowing the casualiy to become estabiled. Regardless of this though, while the videos were quite familiar, members may hae consumed snacks due to anticipation/expectation rather than their particular actual feeling state, displaying that results might not actually be a real representation of what...