Online Level Inquiry

 Online Level Inquiry Article


The online class inquiry is designed for the parent's that has a schedule or they live in a distance place. This website contains the student quality in all with their subjects and it is automatically current every (prelim, midterm, final) or session.

Inside the is respect, the creator had analyzed and analyze the problem to come up making this sort of system and thus of the research problem, all of us propose the online grade inquiry that could help them in favor in there side it could possibly lessen the time and effort.


Through the evaluation of this research, the main is actually the parent's time or they reside in a range place to make a solution a web GRADE QUERY website was your best solution like a programmer proves that the suggested website will be helpful to parents to lessen too much time.

The design of the website was make easy and simple to understand we consider all of them well we build this the system as far as possible we steer clear of complicated types of procedures so that the user can function and change data, it might hold record and placed at the same time.


The programmer recommends the internet GRADE REQUEST, because this application is very helpful and there operate will be quickly done, this site provides strong features such as graphical user interface, celebration handling, target oriented and error controlling if there are changes or perhaps addition in the website for in there area my group will do are very best to reach the expectation in the suggested website.

At a later date advancement we will use more complex and most recent software and hardware devices to improve the website.

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