LDR 531 Week three or more Quiz

 LDR 531 Week 3 Quiz Article

п»ї1 Both the general approaches to negotiation happen to be ________ bargaining and ________ bargaining. formal; informal

efficient; reflective

mental; rational

distributive; integrative

2 When ________ is of importance in making decisions, group decisions are favored to individual decisions. productivity

acceptance of solution

very clear responsibility


3 As a consequence of the information circulated by the grapevine in an organization, employees knowledge increased affiliate satisfaction

elevated anxiety

increased power

elevated certainty

5 Genepa Firm manufactures cookware and other electric products. Genepa is planning to introduce a new refrigerator model. The promoting manager in Genepa has developed a marketing arrange for this new item and desires to communicate this plan to all the employees in the promoting department. Which of the next is most likely to be the best kind of communication intended for communicating this course of action? Oral connection

Grapevine connection

Written connection

Nonverbal conversation

5 The ________ view of conflict focuses on productive resolution of conflicts. transactional




6th The casual communication network in an business is

based on organization

depending on clear and factual details

characterized by ambiguity

rooted in issues of minimal importance to personnel

several Bonnie Patterson has been a director for several years by Wayne and Watson, a legal consultancy organization. A good part of her day involves having meetings and she loves to do work on the time-bound routine. For this reason, people of her team obtain the agenda at the start of the conference, followed by time to think about over the concern at hand separately. Subsequently, they members present their ideas one after the other, the group covers them collectively, and lastly, a ranking is completed to choose the many favored idea. This presents the ________ approach of group decision making. interacting


reference group

nominal group

8 The moment one person looks for to satisfy her or his own passions regardless of the impact on the additional parties towards the conflict, that individual is using the conflict-handling intention of steering clear of




9 Michael jordan is a product sales officer who may have been underperforming over the last 3 months. At the previous monthly procedures cycle meeting, he was provided a warning. As time for the next conference draws close, Jordan anxieties his supervisor reprimanding him. Two days ahead of the meeting, Test informs his manager that he features confirmed six deals in the last few days, among which involves multiple orders for their machines. This individual, however , skips the detail that these are the only six orders he has been capable of obtain in all of month. Which one of the barriers to effective communication is definitely depicted below? Information excess




twelve Shirley Shands is a hard worker but Debra, her manager, is irritated with her. While Debra concedes that Shirley's operate gives her no cause for complaint, Debra is sick and tired of the disturbances in her work due to Shirley asking for repeated annotations over what exactly she has to talk about in nachrichten or phone calls. She generally requests Debra to proofread her e-mails before sending them, and Debra seems she transmits too many emails instead of just speaking to the person concerned. From the situation, we can conclude that ________. Shirley uses filtering once communicating with Debra

Shirley and Debra originate from a high-context culture

Shirley suffers from connection apprehension

Debra is doing social loafing

11 ________ teams are defined as sets of employees who perform extremely related or perhaps interdependent jobs and take on many of the responsibilities of their previous supervisors. Self-employed

Self-managed function



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