Is Google Making Us Ridiculous

 Is Google Making Us Stupid Research Paper

Gregorio Villalba

Supervision of Information Systems

Critical Diary Article Review

June 22, 2014

Que tiene - Is usually Google Producing Us Silly?

In his document " Is definitely Google Producing Us Ridiculous? ” Nicholas Carr points out his viewpoint of how the mind is being reprogramed due to technology. He says that the Internet changes the way you receive and process details and that browsing the web requires almost no attentiveness and that is why we lose target easily. Carr gives his experiences for instance in how he is no longer able to keep attentiveness to possibly complete studying an article. His main level is that search engines, like Yahoo, and the internet in general is damaging each of our ability to think, and that i was probably better in the past once reading was done using books. During my exploration I was able to find that Carr's point of view is erroneous.

Some of the benefits to using Google custom search, according to Stanford School, are relevancy, the ability to look for videos and audio content as well as PDF FILE,. doc and. ppt files, the ability to produce advance customized searches by domain outside stanford. edu [1].

Valerie Conners in her document, " How come Nicholas Carr think Google is producing us silly? Points out an extremely interesting neuroscience study obtaining done by UCLA in 08. According to the examine older adults that applied and explored the Internet improved brain activity, which the experts deducted that could ultimately boost brain function. The researchers used permanent magnet resonance image resolution scans considered of the participant's brains both equally while examining and then once searching online, scientists identified that more areas of the brain revealed more activity during the net searches than while examining and especially the brain was stimulated even more in the areas related to complicated reasoning [2].

Adam Clark in the article, " Google is usually Making All of us Stupid and Smart simultaneously? Challenge Carr's ideas fight the effect of the Net and search...

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