Intercontinental Marketing

 International Marketing Essay

Problem 1:

In brief describe some of the differences involving the legal environment of a country that embraces common rules and one that observes civil law? Answer:

Countries that embrace prevalent law program are typically those that were previous British colonies or protectorates, including the Us, Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, India and Ghana. Common legislation is the legal tradition, which usually evolved in the uk from the 11th Century onwards. In common law there is not constantly a crafted constitution or perhaps codified laws. Judges follow the precedents within their decision will be based upon similar previous cases. Prevalent law is definitely flexible thus, the rules and regulations change from case to case. If a new circumstance rises the judge could make a new la and apply it for the present case. Generally, everything is usually permitted that is not expressly forbidden by law. (Siac & Cecilia 2002). One the other side of the coin civil legislation is influenced by the Roman law that has been modeled around the groundbreaking The french language Code Municipal from 1804 (Code Napoleon) (Mulbacher ain. al 2006). The main feature of civil law is the fact it is generally written metabolism based on certain codes including civil code, codes covering up corporate legislation, tax regulation and constitutional law. Civil law is allowing convenient accessibility to almost all citizens to its code of conduct which is well-written. Judges need to follow the drafted word as a result, it is less flexible.

Question 2:

" See you in court” is one way as a solution when legal issues arise. How come can that approach spring back when the issue concerns global marketing? Answer:

When coping with global promoting, litigation and lawsuits between companies may backfire and still have negative effects. There is not any international regulation in a formal sense, without agreed regulations that can often be applied to intercontinental business relationships and every region has its own legislation (Cueto 2010). International businesses in foreign countries are influenced by the role of legal professional who could possibly be very costly, damaged or biased to community firms. In certain...

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