Effects of Electronic Gadgets to College students Studying Habit

 Effects of Gadgets to Learners Studying Habit Research Newspaper

Name: Yves D. Bondoc

Student Number: 2011-28852

College/Degree: CEAT-BSChE

Date: June 30, 2011

My Autobiography

Yves D, Bondoc, that's my personal cute, good looking and simple term. Cute, good-looking and simple, these characteristics displays my personality as a good friend and a student of the School of the Israel. Another information of my own is that of being flexible. Versatile in the sense that, I can conveniently cope in several environments and adapt to different types of people with different types of personalities. Having that type of individuality made the beginning of my university life colourful.

It is inside the 15th day of October year 1994 when I was born at Associated with San Fernando, Pampanga. And this year, 2011, marks my 17th birthday. Often I celebrate my birthday together with my personal dear good friends, classmates and my family.

There are seven individuals in our family. My sis and my buddy that are both in college; my two younger brothers in high school graduation; my Mom, Nancy Fe Bondoc, who is actually a sari-sari retail outlet vendor for over 15 years and my father, Francisco Bondoc. All of us live in our house in San Agustin City of San Fernando Pampanga, except for my dad. He was a great Overseas Philippine Worker with an ended contract and hasn't go back to our region for six years due to the monetary needs of our family. It's no joke to leave your household and to have zero father beside you essential we're exerting a lot of effort upon not to waste materials my Father's sacrifice by way of spending money properly and having hardship to excel at school.

As a teen, I'm attached to playing jaw dropping games just like basketball, Volant, Volleyball and running online games which takes a lot of energy, stamina, power, agility and presence of mind in order to win every game or battle. Amongst those I've mentioned, Basketball is my passion intended for feel fulfilment whenever We drive, pass, and capture the ball into the band.

Accomplishments in every area of your life are some of quite things to keep in mind and value in my whole...

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