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International Overview of Social Sciences and Humanities

Vol. a few, No . a couple of (2012), pp. 139-147 ISSN 2248-9010 (Online), ISSN 2250-0715 (Print)

The Constructivist Theory in Mathematics: The situation of Botswana Primary Educational institutions Thenjiwe Emily Major (Corresponding Author) Division of Educational Foundations University or college of Makalamabedi, botswana Private Bag- 00702, Gaborone Botswana- 00267 E-mail: [email protected] ub. bw Boitumelo Mangope Department of Educational Fundamentals University of Botswana Non-public Bag- 00702, Gaborone Botswana- 00267 Email: [email protected] ub. bw (Received: 13-10-11 / Accepted: 12-4-12)

Abstract This paper is founded on a large research study that as opposed teacher top quality and student performance in Southern The african continent countries of Botswana and South Africa. With this paper all of us explore the extent that the primary school-teachers in Botswana use the constructivist approach inside the teaching and learning of mathematics. Info was accumulated through classroom videotaping. 59 out of the 64 mathematics professors teaching at least one mathematics lesson, and more than one third in the teachers were videotaped 2 times. A total of 83 math concepts lessons had been videotaped. The results in the study suggested that a huge percentage of lessons discovered required learners to simply call to mind rules, when a very tiny percentage of the lessons observed required scholars to investigate or perhaps explore human relationships between numerical ideas. Keywords: Constructivism, mathematics, active learning, Botswana, passive learning.


Constructivism is actually a learning theory describing the knowledge building. Knowledge building is a working, rather than a unaggressive process. Constructivists believe that know-how should not be simply deposited into the learners' heads; instead it must be constructed by learners through active involvement in the learning process. Hausfather (2001) observed that, Constructivism is not really a method. It is a theory expertise and learning that should notify practice but not prescribe practice. By the very mother nature, constructivism stresses the

Thenjiwe Emily Key et al.


importance of the instructing context, college student prior knowledge, and active interaction between learner and the content to end up being learned. (p. 18). Inside the constructivist perspective, knowledge is constructed by the individual through his/her relationships with the environment. Unlike the traditional mode of learning whereby the teacher plays the role in the teaching/learning environment, and learners passively receive the content, constructivists believe the learning should be centered on the spanish student. This has been identified by Simon (1995) that " all of us construct our knowledge of the world from our perceptions and experience, which are themselves mediated through our previous knowledge” (p. 115). When ever teachers assume that learners will be empty boats to be filled up with the information in the authority, in that case teacher domination will always are present in the instructing learning environment. According to Freire (1970) the dominance, superiority of the educator is referred to as the ‘banking concept' education. The banking concept sees the teacher because the only way to obtain information. It is important that teachers ought to actively require learners in their teaching to enable the students to construct knowledge. In line with the Educational Transmissions Corporation (2004) " in their classroom teaching, constructivist view of learning can point towards a number of different teaching practices…it means encouraging pupils to use effective techniques (experiments, real-world problem solving)” (p. 1). Kennedy (1997) also noted that " what students study is significantly influenced by simply how they happen to be taught” (p. 2). Math concepts by nature is actually a subject that will require learners to become fully involved in order for learning to happen. Therefore , this paper is exploring the level to which scholars were given the opportunity to construct their own knowledge in the...

References: Foreign Review of Sociable Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 3, No . 2 (2012), 139-147



The Report for the process of learning in Makalamabedi, botswana: An specific study with the quality of mathematics instructing in 6th grade classrooms and its impact on learner success, Unpublished Document, (2011)

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