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 Case Study Exploration Paper


Case Evaluation | By simply: Kryptonite Alternatives, LTD (Group 4)


SHIMONAH ISRAEL, Sales & Creativity

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ANASTASIA SHANDYGA, Accounting & Administration

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INNA SHEVKOPLYAS, Growth & Finance[Gatekeeper]

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YOUSSEF BENNIS, Information Systems & Technology

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SHAMA ISLAM, Communications & PAGE RANK

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October 30, 2012

Institution of Organization

1 University Plaza

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Teacher Stucke,

After analyzing all of the presented data for Narayana Hrudayalaya Kryptonite Solutions, LTD came to the conclusion which the company provides a great competitive advantage bringing about the unique opportunity to grow around the world. Since there are strong indications of linkages that NH uses to leverage from, the company should make profit on that, and by taking advantage of strong authorities relations India already provides with other countries in that place NH can easily dramatically grow their contingency program and create health urban centers in other countries just like Bangladesh, Asia, China using the same company strategy of delivering finest service at inexpensive costs. If going to Bangladesh-they can use the GrameenВ network, В along to government agencies, right here to maximize all their reach. NH also could reconcile jewelry with Pakistan [NAFTA could also be the link that they may utilize]. Creating strategic alliances with other strong institutions which might be renowned for health care, like in Singapore and Bangkok will be mutually necessary for both parties. Concluding from the fact that about forty-nine. 9 mil is the number of uninsured People in the usa in 2010, which makes it 16. 3% of the total population, Kryptonite Solutions suggests that NH should offer Insurance (Yeshasvini) to Americans, who often get without health insurance, but are still not as poor as the Indian poor, will significantly increase profit margins and company's market share. Kryptonite Solutions runs another great growth possibility intended for NH is via M& A of underutilized hostipal wards into the US and UK market. Resulting from going into these countries extremely expensive healthcare industry NH could make higher profits, and still compete while the cost head at the same time lowering turnover level with a better job substitute offer for his or her nurses for upward freedom via moves. Organic technology expansion with tele-medicine into Africa and also other poverty stricken underdeveloped nations around the world that have minimal access to transport is another wonderful opportunity. Last but not least, we suggest offering more underutilized services i. electronic. gynecology, memory foam, general surgical procedure while going into new markets since ALL OF US and UK markets raises this demand. Our advice are key and progress concentrated to provide continuing benefit creation, increased profit margins ultimately causing sustained better company's overall performance and businesses. Thanks,

Kryptonite Solutions, LTD.

Overall Sector Analysis

Health care industry is a eighth out of your twenty quickest growing industrial sectors, and in many countries health care is the country's largest sector as well. With individuals living longer the demand to get higher quality and long-term proper care is constantly raising, making the industry incredibly appealing and very competitive at the same time. Admittance barriers happen to be high (such as needed high capital investment in the first place up, cost and competitive advantage of fully developed companies above new entrants, high transitioning costs, low access to syndication channels) but revenues and profits may be high too for NH if going worldwide. With growing around the world population unfortunately enough the need of cardiac surgical treatments is dramatically increasing presenting an opportunity for NH to grow. The negotiating power of customers is low in India since there are not enough doctors for sufferers and high...

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