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 CAMBRIDGE IELTS 9 Dissertation

п»їTest 1


SECTION you Questions 1-10

Complete the notes listed below.

Write ONLY THREE TERMS AND/OR QUITE A FEW for each solution.

SECTION2 Query 11-20

Questions 11-16

Full the remarks below.

Write ONE TERM AND/OR SEVERAL for each answer.

Questions 17 and 18

Choose the appropriate letter, A, B, or C.

17 A champion athlete will probably be in the shop

A on Weekend morning just

B all day Saturday

C for the whole weekend

18 The first person to resolve 20 questions questions effectively will earn A gym membership

M a video

C a diary

Questions nineteen and twenty

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO components of information does the speaker give about the fitness test out? A It is advisable to reserve a place.

B It is free to members.

C You get suggestions on how to make your health.

Deb It takes place in a special medical clinic.

E It truly is cheaper in may.

SECTION 3 Questions 21-30

Choose the right letter, A, B or perhaps C.

Course Feedback

twenty one One reasons why Spiros experienced happy regarding his promoting presentation is that A having been not nervous.

B his style was good.

C the presentation was the best in his group.

22 What surprised Hiroko about the other students' presentations? A Their delivering presentations were not interesting.

B That they found all their presentations stressful.

C They didn't glance at the audience enough.

23 Following she gave her demonstration, Hiroko experienced

A thrilled.

B disappointed.

C ashamed.

24 How exactly does Spiros feel about his efficiency tutorials?

A not very cheerful

B really pleased

C fairly assured

25 For what reason can the other students get involved so very easily in talks? A They can be polite to each other.

B That they agree to have turns in speaking.

C They understand each other very well.

26 Why is Hiroko feeling more positive regarding tutorials at this point? A The lady finds the other students' opinions better. B She is making mare like a contribution.

C The teacher includes her in the dialogue.

27 To aid her figure out lectures, Hiroko

A conferred with reference materials.

B got extra tutorials with her lectures.

C borrowed notes from a class from other college students.

28 Exactly what does Spiros think of his browsing skills?

A He states faster than he used to.

B This still takes him a long time to read.

C He tends to struggle with fresh vocabulary.

twenty nine What is Hiroko's subject area?

A environmental research

B health education

C engineering

40 Hiroko believes that inside the reading classes the students ought to A find out more vocabulary.

N read more inside their own subject matter.

C develop better reading strategies.

SECTION 4 Concerns 31-40

Full the paperwork below

Publish NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.



You should spend about 20 minutes on Inquiries 1—13, which can be based on Studying Passage 1 below.

William Henry Perkin

The man who also invented synthetic dyes

Bill Henry Perkin was born in March 12, 1838, working in london, England. As a boy, Perkin's curiosity caused early pursuits in the artistry, sciences, digital photography, and anatomist. But it was obviously a chance stumbling upon a run-down, but functional, lab in his past due grandfather's residence that solidified the small man's enthusiasm for biochemistry. As a scholar at the city of London School, Perkin started to be immersed inside the study in chemistry. His talent and devotion for the subject had been perceived by his professors, Thomas Area, who prompted him to attend a series of lectures given by the eminent man of science Michael Faraday at the Royal Institution. All those speeches dismissed the young chemistry's excitement further, and he later went on to attend the Hoheitsvoll College of Chemistry, which usually he been successful in coming into in 1853, at the age of 15. At the...

 Biography Composition

Biography Composition

My name is Martha Crystal Claire S. Ancheta. I was created on the thirty first day of July, year 1996 for V-Luna Medical Center, Cubao, Quezon City. I actually…...

 Operations Managing Essay

Operations Managing Essay

Operation supervision is the activity of managing the resources, such as capital, facilities, unprocessed trash, technology, etc, which create and deliver services and products. ( Slack ain al, 2011…...