London Olympic Legacy

 London Olympic Legacy Dissertation

London Olympics 2012 Legacy - Managed Assessment - How will people in the UK advantage in the long term through the facilities produced for the 2012 Olympic?

The London, uk Olympics started on 25th July 2012, after beating four opponent cities in summer 2006 to get the right to stage the Olympic Games in 2012. Following an exhaustive two 12 months search to get the hosts, London, uk came out on top: out of itself, This town, Paris, Moscow and Nyc. Plans pertaining to the new Olympic park based around the miserable area of Stratford; Newham in London's East End (see Figure II), presenting an influential reason to developing the sporting and social picture of the capital.

Figure I -- London 2012 Olympic Locations as well as Locations across England

The Olympic and Paralympic Games have already been the catalyst of physical transformation to a huge part of East London, uk, mostly being used by industry and landfill for centuries, battling years of toxic contamination and neglect. The location had potential and played the role in winning the bid to sponsor the 2012 Olympics (Figure I). Alongside the old network of estuaries and rivers and canals, there was plenty of room achievable developments. Even so, London's bid was one of the compact Olympic Parks - about 2 . 5 km². Deprivation Signal




% Unemployed

6th. 7

four. 4

several. 4

% Looking after Home/Family

10. 4

7. two

6. your five

% Forever Sick/Disabled

6. 8

some. 6

your five. 3

% Employed A lot of the time


fifty-one. 6

49. 1

% Employed Part-Time

7. 7

8. six

11. almost 8

% in Semi-Skilled or perhaps Unskilled Employment

39. six

26. 5

34. almost 8

% in Managerial or Professional Employment

34. 7

50. 4

40. 3

% of Population without having Educational Skills


twenty four


Number II - Deprivation Signals from 2001 of Newham, London and England

The London wager team persuaded the IOC (International Olympic Committee) this part of East London is at need of regeneration. Lately building up towards the Olympics, Stratford, around Movie theater Royal had been regenerated (Figure III). Stratford has also produced as a new transport hub, with the Dockland Light Train, Overground, Subway and Worldwide Train Station (see Figure IV).

Number III - Map of Newham and Key Location within it

Figure IV - Travel Connections coming from Stratford

A lot of housing locations in the vicinity of where the Olympic Recreation area was built had been totally removed. Altogether the relocating and dislocation of homes and businesses afflicted about five-hundred tenants (along with two Gypsy and Traveller sites) and around two hundred businesses in the Reduced Lea Pit area (about five thousand careers displaced from the area). Some tenants were removed because of the renting space acquired by news groups (BBC, Al Jazeera Sports activities etc . ). The construction in the Olympic Recreation area and its employ; had incongruously stopped physical games on the Hackney Marshes, including the use of canal and riv towpaths and the Eastway Routine Circuit (which has now been relocated several miles faraway from its past location).

Reports suggest that around 12 thousand police officers, twenty one 1000 security guards, 1000 US agents and in addition to them 500 FBI officials (to protect contestants and diplomats) have had been mixed up in security from the London video games. The MOD (Ministry of Defence) used somewhat thirteen and a half thousand troops (with capabilities ranging from air protection to bomb disposal). Ground-to-air missiles had been placed logically on the surfaces of certain tower blocks and in this kind of places since Oxleas Real wood and Blackheath (see Determine V). Authorities were also partially militarized, with armed law enforcement officials on the Subway and Overground networks as well as at training venues around the country. With so many security personnel in East London, uk and Newham, there have been increases in the accusation of ‘racist policing', especially stop and searches and unnecessary asking yourself of civilians

House rates across the Olympic area increased since the...

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