benefits of saving money

 benefits of lowering costs Essay

п»їRhetorical Speech Outline

Topic: The Benefits of Saving bucks

General Purpose: To persuade. (Persuasive Speech)

Specific Purpose: To persuade my own audience to save cash for the future. Thematic Statement: Saving cash bring significant benefits to the financial position of a person, and it is helpful to reduce personal economic risk in the future.


Attention getter:

" Anything saved is actually a penny earned”

" As you don't function, savings is useful for you”, but , why? Is true? Is definitely saving money important? We aren't predict the near future. If we may, we would know precisely how much money we might need and want, nevertheless obviously this is simply not possible. Set up credibility:

my spouse and i. ) Personal experience: After i was small , my mom taught me personally to save money by providing me a money box. It is entertaining to learn that how much money that could be saved daily. ii. ) Secondary resource: Have keeping account, underneath Junior Personal savings in Maybank since I had been small. Critique:

Benefits that saving money brings to one's economic status and economic existence. Transition:

First let me begin with the importance of saving money…

Human body

Save money pertaining to emergency cash:

Cover unforeseen expenses including

a. Sudden job or perhaps income loss

b. Medical emergency

c. Financial crisis

Main cause of 2008 financial crisis was the increase in the default of loan home loans made to consumers with poor credit ratings. Relating to a analyze followed by The University of Harvard, referred to as The State of the Nation's Housing, " If generally there would have been a bigger saving money tradition and usage, the crisis could have been twice smaller. ”


Another advantage of saving money is the fact save money pertaining to retirement…

Cut costs for old age:

Put cash to meet your needs, whenever you stop working, you will have funds to cover the expenses. Changeover:

Now, we have come towards the conclusion…


Summary declaration:

As we have noticed, saving money performs a vital role in our daily life. Concluding remark:



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