Essay Tentang Asean Community

ASEAN Socio-Cultural Group (ASEAN Socio-Cultural Area) is among the pillars to be developed ASEAN in encouraging the ASEAN Community by 2015, in line with one other two key pillars, the pillars of the ASEAN Safety Community and the ASEAN Economic Community. As you of the attempts to realize the establishment of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Neighborhood (ASSC), ASEAN has drafted a Formula for the ASEAN Sociocultural Area (ASEAN Socio-Cultural Area Formula) that has been approved in the 14th ASEAN Summit in Thailand, February 2009.

Making use of their solid feeling of solidarity, is anticipated ASEAN community can support eachother in beating the situation of poverty, equality and individual advancement; good service in decreasing the cultural effect of economic incorporation by developing a starting of aggressive human resources; enhance the environmental management of the inexperienced, clear environmentally sustainable; and strengthening the cultural personality towards an ASEAN Community, based on the community (people structured).

Develop a sense of most us late and solidarity doesn't imply eliminating the specific traits of each region, but alternatively the want to enhance the feeling of brotherhood unity and shared caring and belonging to a community that is being built.

One of the goals to be achieved through the ASCC pillar is always to enhance our perception of-an (sense of we-ness or we experience) and solidarity among ASEAN citizens. Preparation draft System for the ASEAN socio-cultural Area is intended to provide guidelines (directions) for ASEAN member places in preparation to welcome the business of the ASEAN Community by 2015 via sociocultural pillars.

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