What Is a Sample Expository Essay?

A sample expository essay is a creative work, since it involves the transmission of the sensory perception of the phenomenon (process, etc.) through the means of the language. In this essay, all imaginative-expressive means are used that can convey the image of the idea of an object or phenomenon that the author has.

The student’s task, with the help of verbs transmitting sense perception, is to convey the properties of the phenomenon described. However, it is necessary to avoid evaluative judgments: good, bad, like, etc. Since the readers themselves have to build their attitude to the described. The main difficulty in writing is the selection of synonymous replacements for evaluation words. One of the training exercises for the preparation of the essay can be considered the task of describing the subject to a person who has never seen this subject in their life. For example: Describe what a yurt is to a foreigner. Avoiding ready-made judgments, the student should not say that a yurt is beautiful in its decoration. The task is of a higher order – to convey beauty in the description.

Writing an Expository Essay

Expository essay is different than the argumentative one. Therefore, it is useful to develop separate items for this type of essay. These items can be called separate techniques for preparing a sample expository essay.

Take for example an assignment from the specification: Write an expository narrative called Workplace. In your essay, pay attention to the description of color, sounds, and materials to help the reader better imagine the picture of this place. To begin with, define the concept of the workplace and select a number of concepts for this hyperon. Workplace:

  • A desk
  • An office
  • A production machine
  • A workshop
  • An artist’s studio
  • An easel
  • A table in the kitchen
  • An airplane cabin
  • A field, and many others

After determining the workplace (the space you need to describe) fill it with information. You can do it on a piece of paper or in your mind. The filling should be voluminous, three-dimensional (color, texture, smell). After the items for work are composed, they need to be described. Also, you need to indicate their significance.

Another method is to build an associative series. This technique allows you to draw analogies for greater visibility. For example, in two columns, write concepts on the lexical theme (Space, World of Labor, etc.) and present this in the form of lexemes united in the lexical theme Space.

Preparatory Stage

  • Choosing a topic, selecting, and studying literature should precede the writing process of an expository essay. If you were given a general theme, then it should be narrowed, otherwise you will not be able to keep within a small amount and at the same time qualitatively reveal the topic. For example, the topic “Culture of Egypt” is so vast that it can be considered the composition of the peoples of the country, the interaction of different cultures, the history of the development of Egyptian culture, and dozens of other issues. It is only necessary to add details to the topic, as it becomes more concrete. In case of problems with the definition of the topic, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the relevant material for choosing the topic.
  • Once you decide on the topic, devote sufficient time for the selection and study of literature. Your task is not to find material and rewrite it, but to look for interesting facts in different sources. For this you will need electronic and printed periodicals, reference books, news, legal publications, and other websites where the most current information is presented.
  • During this work, be sure to carefully write out quotes and sources, so that when you prepare an essay you do not have to look for the same literature again. It is best to study the rules for preparing essay quotations in advance – this will save you a lot of time in further work.

Essay’s Preamble

A sample expository essay starts with a preamble. Since any essay is intended to interest the readers, from the very first few lines you need to tell them something important, valuable, interesting, so that they would like to read your paper. It can be shocking statistics about some topical issue, intrigue about an unusual invention, a short funny story, a capacious quote, or something of the same kind.

After this, you should immediately explain to the readers what your article will be about. Whether you are going to describe the life of a famous person, tell about a popular book or a historical event, you should designate it. For example, in the case of a well-known person, it is worth briefly acquainting the reader with this person.

After, write the main thesis of your essay. It should express the main idea of the work, which you will prove in its main part. For example, if you write about the political culture of Egypt, then in the preamble you can highlight the key feature of this culture. Note that the thesis should not be controversial or contradictory. There must be no doubt or denial in it. For example, you should not write like: The peculiarity of Egypt’s political culture is probably that...” or “the authorities should not ignore the problems of the people.”

Make the transition from the preamble to the main part using one or two sentences. For example, you can describe the main ideas that will be revealed in the work, or invite the reader for a more detailed discussion of the topic.

Essay’s Main Part

In the main part of the expository essay, it is necessary to proceed to the proofs of the thesis described. The easiest way to do this is with the help of basic ideas. Having described one new idea, you must provide the relevant evidence. For example, you have identified four features of political culture in Egypt and then in the main part you designate the first feature and prove it with concrete facts. This can be described as follows: “Citizens of Egypt do not trust the authorities. This is due to political events... and is expressed in....” Next, you need to consistently outline the remaining ideas, each time arguing for them. In the role of evidence you can apply statistical information, interviews, statements of famous personalities, and other.

The Last Part

In conclusion of the essay, it’s time to return to the thesis formulated at the beginning and make it sound from a new perspective. For example, if you wrote that the main feature of Egypt’s political culture is the distrust of citizens to government officials, then in conclusion you can formulate the same thesis with an explanation: “... distrust of citizens to representatives of the government, conditioned....”

Also, in the final part of the sample expository essay, it is recommended to generalize the basic ideas and complete the work with a concrete statement, the reader’s call for some action or a designation for a new question. For example, to encourage the reader to think about possible ways of forming an Egyptian political culture.

If it is difficult for you to keep in mind a lot of ideas and evidence for them, we recommend you draw up an approximate plan. In the plan, you need to note what you are going to consider in the preamble of the essay, its main and final parts.

Correction and Design

  • If you want to get a high grade for your essay, after writing a draft it is worthwhile to get down to work. Reread the essay several times, ruthlessly remove the failed paragraphs, add new arguments, find more catchy phrases, so you will get a really deep and interesting essay.
  • Ideally, the essay is written not for the teacher, but for the readers, so it makes sense to show it to a few acquaintances or colleagues. Do not be afraid of criticism or spend an extra half an hour, because your job is to learn how to write such works, and not just give them away for a tick.
  • After the final approval of the contents of the expository essay, it is still necessary to properly design and print it. If the whole procedure seems to you too complicated or time-consuming, you can contact special writing companies that will help you prepare a competent expository essay on any topic.

Summing everything up, it is worth noting. that an essay is a full-fledged written work, which serves as an excellent help for new achievements in terms of writing good and quality projects. Having studied the features and characteristics of the essay, you can in many ways raise your professional level, and thus improve your academic performance. If you start to competently treat such small tasks, then the further learning process will be easier to build and develop a clear strategy.

If a student can write an essay, and besides does it competently and professionally, then this task becomes ordinary.

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